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  1. Lindsey Shackelford says:

    Wanna know the best feeling in the world? The feeling you get when your soul has just been ignited with the everlasting passion for servent leadership:)

  2. Stefaine Miller says:

    the best feeling in the world is when you no you gust made a difference in a persons day and knowing they appreciate it. the worst feeling is when you do help and you make a small mistake and the person you helped dose not even thank you for helping even if you made a mistake. but gust remember the feeling you get when you help and ignore the negative and you can do anything. don’t make a small problem a big deal or you will be miserable for ever. don’t forget to live by the 8 accentuals.

  3. Shelby Mills says:

    Stealing an awesome idea from Sumner High School, our ASB decided that we wanted to put up “Teacher Notes” on each teacher’s door this year. Despite the fact that we used a 4 hour work period to write these posters of personalized appreciation, it was nowhere near done at the end of our Leadership Lock-In. Since I was passionate about making sure this actually happened, I was in charge of finishing up these posters. I did not have all of these teachers, did not even know many of them, but through serious commitment I found a way to try to personalize and write a meaningful message to each teacher. Not gonna lie; it was hard. I was in the supply room writing these things all the time, and as I realized that it was not going to get done before the school year started I began to get discouraged. A couple weeks of school passed, and finally the posters were done. With help from 4 selfless student leaders and our ASB Advisor, the signs went up on a Sunday evening. It was still nerve-wracking though, “Will the teachers think these are tacky?” “Will students make fun of the signs or even the teacher themselves?”. I expected perhaps an hour max of the signs being up. But here’s the great part: The teachers loved them. Our ASB Advisor got email after email of some generic “Thank you that made my day!” emails all the way to “That made me cry, your ASB truly cares, I’m thoroughly impressed, yadda yadda yadda”. The story is pretty simple, but it made me feel SO great to know that hours of hard work gave some of these teachers just what they needed to feel inclusion. If you want some nameless recognition and a staff that can know that there are others out there that care for them, this is a wonderful project to do. It’s well worth it.

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