Why Do You Serve?

We know that in order to love people (love the verb) we must serve them, meeting their legitimate needs. We’ve learned to ask the question, “How Can I Help?” as a way to figure out ways we can serve and love others. These are necessary practices essential to being a servant leader, however it is important to think about WHY we are serving. Are we serving others because we know we are supposed to in order to be considered a “servant leader”? Are we serving because we know it’s the “right” thing to do?¬†Are we serving so that others notice us and recognize our efforts?

If we are serving others for those reasons, we are not serving or loving properly. Instead, we are serving others as a way to serve ourselves.

This doesn’t mean we shouldn’t choose to serve if we feel it is the right thing to do in a given situation or to build and strengthen our character muscles. The important distinction is: the core of WHY we serve should be to show agape love to others because we have made the choice to. We have chosen to serve others because we love them, not because we want to get something out of it for ourselves.

When we learn to serve in this way our rewards are so much greater than if we were to serve with self-serving motives. Because we serve out of love with no stipulations or expectations of anything in return, it no longer matters what we get out of it. We are living the life of a true servant leader which, in my opinion, is the greatest reward of all.


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